Windows 10 Notepad app is not coming to Microsoft Store

In early 2018, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 20H1 update will replace the built-in Notepad app with the Microsoft Store version.

Microsoft seems to have changed it’s mind, and it won’t bring Notepad to the Windows Store. Notepad can still get new features and enhancements through Windows 10 feature updates, and the update will not be available anytime soon. Using the latest preview build, Microsoft decided to focus on the native version of Notepad for Windows 10, which was already integrated into the OS and halted the Microsoft Store project.

It is not clear why Microsoft decided to withdraw from the development of the Store-based Notepad, but there may be a problem when Notepad updates are distributed to users who do not use the store first.

” Thank you all for the feedback you have provided in the Store version of Notepad. Now, we have decided not to give it to users,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

At some point, Notepad isn’t worth returning to the Windows Store, but for now, Microsoft will stick with the classic way of updating the app.


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