WhatsApp’s upcoming surprise feature could prove beneficial for every user

WhatsApp is gradually heeding user demands by introducing some of the nifty features that are either under development or have been rolled out. But while these features offer quirkier ways to toy around with, a few basic functionalities are still not available for the app. One such functionality is the lack of simultaneous log-in sessions on different devices, which is highly anticipated. Now, it seems WhatsApp may be looking to allow users to log in concurrently on a range of devices.

According to WABetaInfo that claims the authenticity of the development, WhatsApp is developing a new method that encapsulates multiple sign-in sessions on more than one device at different locations for a single account. The WhatsApp watchdog claims that the chats across devices “will be still end-to-end encrypted” as the Facebook-owned chat app “was” developing a system to assign keys to “specific devices” enrolled with an account.

The information posted by WABetaInfo was retweeted to add that there will be screenshots of the feature “within a few weeks”. For now, it is not clear when the feature will arrive or how it will function. What is also not clear is the exact rollout time of this unnamed feature. Rest assured, WhatsApp will push the feature on the beta channel before the latter is ready to make it to the stable channel. The company has not said anything on this feature as of now.

Currently, a user can access the WhatsApp app on a single device at a time. The moment an account is signed into a new device, the old one shows the account logged out. This also meddles with the automatic backup and restore of the chats on different devices, unless attended manually. However, WhatsApp Web can be accessed using a browser on a PC, tablet, and even a smartphone, simultaneously with the app. For this to work, the user needs to scan the QR code on the screen using the camera of the phone that is in use for WhatsApp.

Source : www.financialexpress.com

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