Twitter Rolls Out ‘Hide Replies’ Feature Globally

Twitter has finally rolled out its ‘Hide Replies’ feature globally, which lets users hide replies they think are irrelevant, off-topic, or annoying and are changing the course of the discussion on the platform. To hide reply, you click on a gray downward arrow on the lower right corner of a tweet and then click on an option that says “Hide reply.” Users can also unhide a reply and an icon at the bottom right of a tweet will indicate if any replies have been hidden.

With this feature, users will be able to hide replies in the conversation threads that are negative or offensive. Having said that, followers can still see the hidden replies just by pressing the new icon. According to the micro-blogging website, this feature enables users to have a more healthy conversation. Testing showed that it is a useful tool for managing the back-and-forth exchanges tweets can inspire, according to twitter.

Twitter users who receive direct messages from people they don’t follow on the platform are able to have such missives automatically routed to a secondary folder. In 2016, the platform began allowing users to eliminate, or mute, notifications based on keywords, phrases, or entire conversations they are not interested in seeing in the effort to stem abusive comments.


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