Microsoft testing Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Calendar integration with Outlook web client

It appears Microsoft has been busy working on a way to fully integrate Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Calendar with its Outlook webmail client. he successfully linked his Google account and got access to Gmail, Drive, and Calendar data inside Outlook.

The Google Drive integration supports documents and files from Google’s service so you can quickly attach them to Outlook or Gmail emails. It’s not clear how many users will get access to this, or when Microsoft will roll this out more broadly. While most people would simply visit Gmail for their mail, this new Outlook integration could be useful for those who use a personal account and a G Suite email account for work.

He reports that the integration is similar to how Outlook works on mobile devices with separate inboxes and side-by-side integration in the calendar. With Google Drive integration, you can attach documents and files from Drive to both Gmail and Outlook emails. This still looks like an early test as he wasn’t able to add more than one Gmail account, and switching between Outlook and Gmail accounts caused the entire page to refresh.


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