Just like WhatsApp, chats on Telegram and Signal are also vulnerable to hackers

People have started switching to apps like Telegram and Signal in hopes of more security But according to experts, even these platforms aren’t fully secure, and you would still remain vulnerable. For instance, in the case of WhatsApp, the platform dominates as the biggest messaging app with over 1.5 billion users and offers end-to-end encryption, and while Telegram, which is used by 200 million people worldwide, offers the added layer of security through a manually activated ‘Secret chat’ option.

However, in a recent paper, MIT researchers highlighted several flaws in the latter, noting that it employs its own messaging protocol, called “MTProto”, which lacks scrutiny from outside cryptographers. This provides huge social network information for them that can either be attacked on their servers or can be possibly sold to different authorities without users’ consent, the researchers added. Users who are concerned about data privacy may be joining Telegram or Signal today, but the larger user base will be hooked on to WhatsApp because that is where they remain connected with friends and family.

Source: www.livemint.com

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