Extreme C book extract: Exploring structures and user-defined types in C

Today, a programming language that does not support new types system It can be considered as a dead language. that is why most people see C as a dead programming language, mainly because they cannot easily define their new types in C, and prefer to move to a higher-level language such as C ++ or Java. Yes, it is not so easy to create a good type system in C, but everything you need is present there.

characteristics of language before moving to encapsulation and composition, synchronization, as well as advanced programming, with code examples, and integration with other languages, including C ++, Java, and Python. But we discuss them in a history of computation when there were no other programming languages offering such a concept. Among many efforts to move away from machine-level programming languages, introducing structures was a great step toward having encapsulation in a programming language. For thousands of years, the way we think hasn’t changed a lot, and encapsulation has been a centric means for our logical reasoning.

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